“Rachel Jacobs, as the fairy, bore the brunt of the audience's blurted exuberances, but she handled the situations adroitly and stayed in chipper character.”






“...and to the narrator, Rachel! Amazing!”

“Ms. Jacob's [sic] narration draws you into the story even more. She has a great range of character voices. I liked the pacing of the book. Ms. Jacob's didn't let me down”

“Ms. Jacobs again comes through with great narration. She also has a handle on the 'teenage voice'. Ms. Jacobs draws you into the story with her ability to give each character their own voice. She also does well with the pacing and emotions.”

Rachel’s enthusiasm for all the performing arts began with her love of audio books. As a child, she listened and re-listened to her favorite books, over and over, until she could recite and perform them from memory. In fact, it was after she delivered an impassioned rendition of Judy Bloom’s Super Fudge for her first-grade teacher that her parents decided that she would probably enjoy some sort of theater class.

When she was eight, Rachel enrolled at the American Conservatory Theater’s Young Conservatory. She was a long-time member (now graduate) of the San Francisco Girls Chorus, through which she had the opportunity to perform with the San Francisco Opera.

Rachel earned a Bachelor of Arts from the theater program at Oberlin College, during which she also attended intensive training programs at the National Theater Institute, the St. Petersburg Theater Arts Academy, Shakespeare and Company, and the American Conservatory Theater Summer Training Congress. Post-graduation, she spent several years touring Hong Kong, China, and the West Coast with the Dramatic English Repertory Theater and the California Theater Center, performing title roles in shows such as Sleeping Beauty, Charlotte’s Web, and Rumpelstiltskin.

Rachel has now settled in Los Angeles, where her energy is focused on her original love: audiobooks. Recordings can be found on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.  She has also recorded over 30 interactive books with MeeGenius. She is on the rosters here, here, and here.


“Amazing story paired with Amazing narration made for a favorite summer listen!!”

“I absolutely loved the narration! This content could have easily been ill-perceived but Rachel Jacobs was excellent at creating Jessa's anxiety and her attempts at clarity. I even got my own heart palpitations as things got intense. Now THAT's great narration!!”

“The narration was well done. The characters were well portrayed. Rachel Jacobs gave emotion to this novel. She took me from smiles to tears and back more than once.”